Chandler Garmon received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Georgia where he studied the intersection of sports and business. Working full time for the University of Georgia Athletic Association, Chandler was responsible for supporting the detailed planning of all major campus events. Since relocating to Atlanta, he has worked for both a sports tech company and benefits group, solving customer challenges and managing client relationships. In all roles he learned the true meaning of multi-tasking and importance of organization and clear communication – skills that he brings to his position at IMPACT. Responsible for tracking information, facilitating communication, reporting on metrics, and providing overall support to project teams, Chandler seeks to be a dependable internal and external resource through constant and concise communication. A collaborator by nature, his influence will keep teams aligned, clients informed and projects on track for success. As he says, “I’m always willing to learn, quick to connect with others and determined to see any job through.”

Representative Projects

Atlantic on Romney

Charleston, SC

Athens-Clarke County East Side Public Library

Athens, GA

Flatiron Hotel

Asheville, NC

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