After graduating from Georgia Tech with an Industrial Engineering degree, Kelsie went on to work for a Marketing Display Manufacturer as a Process Engineer. It was there that she first worked closely with Project Managers. Learning the ins and outs needed to keep projects running smoothly, Kelsie realized the role fit her natural skill set. When a PM role opened up at her firm, she quickly jumped on the opportunity, “I got the job and followed the development of displays from initial renderings, to engineering, to prototyping, to manufacturing, to seeing it in stores! I enjoyed being a part of the whole life cycle of projects!” states Kelsie.

Moving with her husband to start a home renovation business, she took on the title “Chief PM.” In charge of negotiating with and scheduling contractors, ordering materials, looking after the budget, Kelsie continued to grow in the depth of her knowledge of the PM world. Now at IMPACT she utilizes these skills to manage larger-scale projects with just as much attention to detail. Kelsie’s energetic and welcoming personality paired with her passion for project management makes her an irreplaceable asset on our “A” Team.

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