Senior Director

Introduced early in his career to real estate and construction, Alex Vess began in building management and pivoted to project management in 2016. Primarily focused on the healthcare market, and some on multifamily and hospitality, Alex’s talents translate easily in any environment. Relying on tactful and honest communication, he builds trust and unites project teams to a common goal. Instead of dictating how work gets done, he keys in on critical activities and works in support of each project partner to stay ahead of the game. In his mind, every team presents different dynamics, and every project represents different goals. Alex’s agile, adaptive, and collaborative style plays to an individual’s strengths and fosters complete “alignment” – one of his favorite buzzwords. He proves daily that consensus-building promotes accountability and leads to better outcomes. Alex’s leadership yields tangible results. And to him, the biggest reward comes in delivering improved quality of care and livelihood to communities.

Representative Projects

MedCura Health

Decatur, GA

Club City Apartments

Detroit, MI

Sovereign Hometown

Dallas, TX

Mercy Care

Atlanta, GA

McAuley Park

Atlanta, GA

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