Every team needs a cheerleader – someone who keeps them motivated and supports their role. Graduating from Mercer with a focus in communications and Spanish, Caleb Thornley fits perfectly into his role as Project Manager at IMPACT. A trained and strong communicator, he brings passion and connection to people from his ministry background to facilitate conversations at all levels within the team and across the entire development and building process. Deemed “hyper-organized,” Caleb takes a proactive stance on budget and schedule, keeping teams informed throughout the process. Acting in some ways as a coach, he looks for ways to support teams and identify gaps while inspiring individuals to stay engaged and collaborate successfully to deliver. Caleb’s talents are applied across many markets including commercial, sports and recreation, and adaptive-reuse. He connects to the purpose behind the programs he manages, appreciating the impact they have on the communities and lives they serve.

Representative Projects

General Time

Athens, GA

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce

Atlanta, GA

TK Elevator Corporate Headquarters

Atlanta, GA

Interlock Rooftop

Atlanta, GA

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