Senior Director

Andrew Morgenthal is deemed “the guy who knows the answer or where to find it.” Talking to him instills an immediate sense of confidence. As a trained and licensed architect, he assumes a certain level of responsibility to do what’s right and strives relentlessly for perfection. These two traits translate harmoniously into a deeper purpose in his role as Senior Director at IMPACT, where he welcomes greater influence over the entire building process. Partnering with each client to define and articulate their intrinsic needs in a way that connects with the design and construction team takes skill and patience, and Andrew possesses both. Each day, he holds himself and other team members accountable for optimizing programs and delivering on promises by identifying realistic solutions that make a measured difference. He recognizes that hospital systems and other clients plan for years (sometimes decades) for one day – opening day. As an owner’s advocate, he helps achieve the project vision and creates maximum value by ensuring a good design is built pragmatically. For years, clients have entrusted their projects to him and been astounded by the results.

Representative Projects

Northside Hospital Cherokee

Canton, GA

General Time

Athens, GA

Skyline Lodge Renovation

Highlands, NC

Flatiron Hotel

Asheville, NC

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