Cobb Chamber – A Space to Further a Mission

IMPACT helps Cobb Chamber breathe new life into their business.

As program managers in the commercial market, we believe a workplace should reflect your mission and culture. When this happens, it provides benefits tenfold. That is why teaming with Cobb Chamber as they embarked on their rebrand and opted for a new space became a rewarding story of transformation.

As their website states, Cobb Chamber is a community of businesses working together to advance a vibrant economy. This summer we partnered with them to open the doors to a new way of doing business.

Amidst a rebranding effort, Cobb Chamber felt it was crucial that the new space project the new brand by inspiring pride and building excitement for members, employees, and tenants. As a Cobb County-based business, we were happy to collaborate on their new home on the 10th floor of 1100 Circle 75 only minutes from our own headquarters. The workplace designs gave the Chamber brand new life. The location and the panoramic views of metro-Atlanta tell a compelling visual story, illustrating the Chamber’s work in the region and its role in bringing landmark projects to Cobb County. This modern space is filled with light, and the openness brings energy and vibrancy that welcomes visitors and inspires conversation.

Working in collaboration with several project partners, our IMPACT team was able to oversee the project’s schedule and budget details, ensuring successful delivery of the project. We worked with A/V and furniture vendors to transition the Chamber into an incredible new place of business. Now in a better position to serve their members, we believe this project will act as a catalyst for the Chamber’s mission.

Big thanks to our in-house team and our project partners, Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, Choate Construction, turnerboone, and Unified Technology Systems (now Solutionz).

To learn more about how we are furthering other clients’ missions please visit our Experience page.

“There are so many details that go into moving and construction of your new office space, and it is critical to hire an expert to oversee the entire project and handle all the time-consuming details. Because IMPACT handled the many details and worked with all the vendors on a daily basis to ensure we were on time and under budget, they enabled us to continue focusing on our mission instead of all the many complex details of the project and just be involved on decisions needed.”

– Sharon Mason, President & CEO, Cobb Chamber of Commerce





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