Senior Director

While earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, Laura Leigh accepted an internship on a construction project on campus. That is where she fell in love with construction and the inner workings of the entire building process. For many years, she sat on the owner’s side of the table, even acting as a program manager with GSFIC and TCSG. Time spent with these public entities shaped her view of the industry as she learned to appreciate the challenges they face with high expectations and limited budgets. Today as Senior Director and an owner’s advocate, she dedicates her talents to mitigating risks for her clients, mostly public institutions. Laura Leigh builds trust and creates value by being budget-conscious, accurate, and efficient. She cares about people and protects her clients by negotiating beneficial contracts, digging into details, assembling cohesive teams, and keeping a watchful eye on budget and schedule from start to finish. She finds purpose in connecting to each client’s unique mission and asking herself daily, “How can I add value?” This selfless approach brings confidence and certainty to otherwise complex building programs.

Representative Projects

Camp Twin Lakes – Campus Expansion

Rutledge, GA

Kennesaw State University Howell Hall

Marietta, GA

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Tifton, GA

Athens Classic Center Arena

Athens, GA

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